Traditional Bowhunters of Florida

Fall 2018

Hello all,

I would like to thank everyone that attended the Fall Rendezvous. The weather cooperated as I promised, as it was just warm and not hot!! I don’t think we broke 100*. J . At least we were spared the “sun showers” in the afternoon!! We registered just under 200 shooters and the courses were tight this year due to the lake being so high from all the rain.  We did not have room for the Iron Man course this shoot, but will make up for it in the spring. Jeff at FWC said the lake was the highest he’s seen in many years. We also tried a new food vendor, Jbale Smokehouse of Jacksonville. He had a very nice menu and will be back for the State Shoot in March. Ed asked me to say “Thanks” to everyone who visited and is looking forward to March.

I would like to thank all the volunteers who came out on Thursday to set up the registration area and the archery course. Now Thursday was hot!!! But the following people worked through the heat and got the course set up; Ben Butler, Brent and Frieda Bauer, Gary Linn, Steve Jordan, Mike Nolan, Rik Davis, Bill Tilly, Carolyn Faunce, Nathan Nettles, Roxy Nettles, Bill Barlow, Rob and Amanda Mathews, Kevin Lutes and George Hassel. When you see these guys give them a pat on the back and a “Thanks”. Without the volunteers these shoots would be impossible to pull off. All volunteers entered into a volunteer raffle for a $50 Visa card.

Deer season has already started in Zone A with some nice bucks being posted on social media. The rest of us are anxiously awaiting the archery season to begin. On that note, wear your safety harness when in a tree and please treat your hunting clothes with some type of bug deterrent. Ticks are becoming a REAL problem! If you have not heard there is a very bad allergy you can contract from a single bite, Galactose-alpha-1,3-galactose (alpha-gal). This allergy causes your body to become allergic to meat; beef, pork, lamb, venison and in some cases chicken. It’s real and its here. I was very suspicious of having this illness and went to get tested. I received my results back the Tuesday, just after the Fall Rendezvous and they came back positive. No more steak, ribs, ham, chicken or venison!  My life has changed dramatically in the past month and I do not want anyone to have to go through this. It’s a simple blood test to check. Your family Dr can write a script for the test. I’m going to republish a piece written by Sam McMichael about this in the upcoming Newsletter.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable hunting season!  Pick a spot and follow through.

All the best,

Kevin Gregorius