Traditional Bowhunters of Florida

Traditional Bowhunters of Florida
2013 State Championship Winners

Cub Girls Youth Girls Cub Boys Youth Boys
1st Place - Tyler Buchanan-335
2nd Place - Haley Merrill-315
3rd Place - Brooke McAbee-285
1st Place - Becky Harris-365
2nd Place - Hannah Dudley-205
3rd Place - Aerin Brown-115
1st Place - Wyatt Green-500
2nd Place - Cinner Burks-490
3rd Place - Will Green-455
1st Place - Ronnie Kaneer-390
2nd Place - Gage Merrill-355
3rd Place - Ben Morrow-320
Women’s Primitive Women’s Longbow Women’s Traditional
1st Place - Krista Holbrook-475
2nd Place - Mary Grabowski-260
3rd Place - none
1st Place - Martha Varney-420
2nd Place - Rachel Zinchan-405
3rd Place - Terry Jarvis-380
1st Place - Debbie Smith-535
2nd Place - Susan Nelson-500
3rd Place - Kathy Fox-415
Men’s Primitive Men’s Longbow Men’s Traditional
1st Place - Tom Gifford-415
2nd Place - Dale Roberts-415
3rd Place - Sterling Holbrook-415
1st Place - Calvin Smack-530
2nd Place - Tom Swift-520
3rd Place - Alberto Bartlett-450
1st Place - Jared Neal-570
2nd Place - Greg Magnes-535
3rd Place - Steve Redden-525

Congratulations to all!