Traditional Bowhunters of Florida

  • Cub Class (1-11 years) may use any traditional bow and arrow combination to compete.
  • Youth Class (12-15 years) may compete using any traditional bow and arrow combination. 

All adult men and women archers (16 years of age and older) shall be placed in one of the three classes outlined below

  • Primitive Class Shooters in this class will shoot a longbow, recurve or flatbow that does not contain fiberglass or carbon laminations in its working limbs. Epoxy or other synthetic adhesives are permitted on laminated bows. Only wood arrows may be used in the primitive class. Only self-nocked arrows may be used. 
  • Longbow Class Competitive archers will shoot a longbow or flatbow that when braced, does not allow the string to contact the face of the bow. This class permits wood arrows only for competitions. 
  • Traditional Class Recurves, longbows, flatbows and primitive bows of any design are permitted in this class. Any type of arrow may be used. 

Compound bows, sights, stabilizers (including add on weights) and release aids (with the exception of gloves, finger tabs, finger stalls, thumb rings and clickers) are not permitted.

One finger of the archer’s string hand must touch the arrow knock or knock point during the shot, string walking is not permitted

For more information contact info@tbof.org